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Aggressive chewers enjoying his tough, indestructible dog toys.
Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

You’ve done your research. You know how important physical exercise and mental stimulation is for a dog’s health. 

That’s why you invest heavily in interactive toys for your dog. Toys that can give your dog the much needed mental stimulation that helps prevent some unwanted dog behaviors.

But getting sturdy, indestructible toys for aggressive chewers, one that can withstand a few months of mauling? For most owners, that’s a pipe dream.

It doesn’t have to be. 

Choosing indestructible toys for aggressive and calm dogs is easy once you know what to look out for.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best plush dog toys, dog puzzle toys, Kevlar dog toys, squeaky dog toys, and many others. And, if you stick around till the end, I will show you how to make your dog’s toys last longer.

So sit back, relax, and take your time to pick a toy or two that your dog will have fun with.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing indestructible toys for any fierce dog.

I know what to look out for, just skip to the toys

6. tips for ‘chewsing’ the best, durable dog toys

1. Get the right size.

When getting chew-proof toys for hyperaggressive dogs, you have to be mindful of the toy’s size. Dog toys that are too small are difficult to interact with and can easily cause choking, especially in large dogs.

Assume you are buying toys for a baby. If it’s something your big dog can choke on, then avoid it. As a rule of thumb, ensure your dog toys are so large they can’t be swallowed. However, they shouldn’t be so large your dog can’t maneuver them, so try and stay somewhere in the middle. 

Other than choking, large toys have a tougher build and can withstand the mauling of a fierce dog’s teeth and jaw.  

2. Pick the right material.

You’re already ten steps ahead in finding an indestructible toy if you can get a dog toy made from the right material. Let’s see some of the materials you should look out for and those you should avoid. 

Best materials for sturdy dog toys. 


Rubber is the go-to material dog toy manufacturers use when making toys for energetic chewers. This material is durable, sturdy, and almost indestructible. When in doubt, always choose rubber. However, make sure the edges are smooth to prevent injury. 

Thick rope material. 

This is another good option for aggressive and relentless chewers. They are durable, safe, and cleaning them is a breeze. The best part about toys made of rope materials is that they rarely break off. Even if your dog ingests some strands of rope, it’s unlikely that’ll be enough to send him to the emergency room. Some of the best rope toys for aggressive chewers can also be used to play tug of war between owner and canine friend.  


Kevlar is a synthetic fabric that is used in making items that will be subjected to an enormous amount of wear and tear. Some good examples are bullet-proof vests, drum heads, sails, and space tethers. This led many dog toy manufacturers to leverage the strength of Kevlar in making sturdy, indestructible toys for hyper-aggressive chewers. 


Not many dog toy manufacturers use fire hose material to build their toys. However, the ones that do it perfectly produce toys that can withstand wear and tear, as well as enormous pressure that fire hoses experience during use. It is worth considering when choosing dog toys for vigorous chewers. 

Some not-so-tough dog toys.

Plush or fleece toys. 

There are many adorable and cute dog toys in this category. However, very few of them are actually ‘indestructible’ in the jaws of feisty chewers. Many dogs will chomp through these toys like a hot knife through butter. In some instances, the results are discomfort, digestive issues, and some other medical issues.  

Squeaker toys. 

Squeaker toys are interesting playthings for humans, dogs, and cats alike. But the risk is pretty high for curious chewers, especially dogs. 

Aggressive and relentless dogs can tear through the fabric of the squeaker dog toy on a quest to find the ‘squeaky’ device hidden inside. And when they do, guess where it goes. Yep, their mouths and that’s not a good thing.

Squeaky toys should only be given to a rough dog when you’re around to supervise the play session. 

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Latex or vinyl toys.

Though lovely and fun to play with, these toys aren’t sturdy enough for rough dogs to play with. Vinyl, for instance, develops sharp edges that could destroy your dog’s dentition or cause discomfort as the dog bites, which will likely lead to serious infection. 

3. Think of safety.

This is a really important feature to look out for – and no! you won’t find it on the label. Safety boils down to choosing a non-toxic material. Remember, this toy will spend a long time in your dog’s mouth. Tiny pieces will break off and lodge in your dog’s intestine or trachea. The last thing you want is for those bits to be toxic.

Be mindful of FDA approved tags, it doesn’t mean the toy is indestructible. It actually means that it’s less of a health risk if it ends up being destroyed. 

Consider your dog’s style of chewing. If he/she is a rough chewer, you should get a toy that gives in a little to the bites for it not to risk breaking your dogs’ teeth or caving in with your dog’s teeth stuck in it. This can happen if the wrong toy meets the wrong type of chewer. 

If a toy works as expected and your dog seems to love it, buy another one as back up. This way, you can toss the first one into the trash when it becomes unsafe for chomping.  

4. Quality and price.

You may be in for a shock when you go to purchase dog toys for the first time. However, there’s a simple explanation for the numbers on the sticker.

Better quality toys that will withstand energetic chewers will cost more and will last longer. BUT, price doesn’t always translate to quality. There are some $5 toys that will last longer than $20 ones.

Most of the quality dog toys I’ve come across are pricey and durable. Though I occasionally come across some outliers, I won’t go out actively searching for them. 

5. Guarantee. 

Is your dog an overenthusiastic chewer, then don’t hesitate to grab that quality toy with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

This will help calm your mind, knowing that you can get a replacement at little (shipping fee, maybe) to no cost if your dog destroys it. 

6. You, your dog, and a toy.

Most owners feel that all they need to do is get the toughest dog toy, throw it to their dog and everything will work out fine.


It doesn’t work that way. A lot goes into making a dog toy last for a very long time. Don’t just pray for better luck next time, check out the mistakes all owners make that ruin tough dog toys.

The best indestructible toys for feisty chewers.

Chew toys.

1. Nylabone Dental Dinosaur.

aggressive chewers enjoying his tough, indestructible dog toys.

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur chew toy is tough, fun to look at, and smells like chicken. A great choice for medium to small dogs.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it for a Great Dane, even though the manufacturer claims the toy is durable for dogs that weigh up to 50 lbs.  

I like how they included those bubble-like things on the surface of the toy. These help clean food and tartar from your dog’s teeth, great for dogs that won’t let you brush them.

Some owners may have issues with the smell at first, but if you let it air out for a couple of hours it should return to the normal flavored chicken smell

If you ask me, it looks boring compared to other cute and colorful toys, but dogs seem to like it. So that’s a plus.

2. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy Ring.

tough, indestructible dog toys that last even with aggressive chewers

If your dog is an energetic chewer that mauls everything he/she finds interesting to bits, then he may have met his match with the Goughnuts chew ring

It’s not rock-solid, it’s more like rubber-solid. It is dense and firm, not in a “break your teeth” way, but when your dog bites the ring, the material absorbs the force of the bite and spreads it to the outsides. Then it returns to its normal form when the dog has released its clench on the ring. 

That makes it pretty indestructible. 

However, it is just a chew toy. It’s likely that your dog will only interact with it when he/she feels like mauling something. So, they’ll definitely need something else to keep them entertained. 

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3. Kong.

aggressive chewers enjoying his tough, indestructible dog toys.

Giving your dog a Kong is like giving a teenager a phone, both are addictive.

This rubber toy is the closest any dog toy has come to being indestructible. The best part? You can stuff it with yummy treats, such as peanut butter and Cheeze wiz. 

What makes Kong an interesting toy to play with is its ability to escape from your dog when it relaxes its bite.

The irregular shape makes it bounce around, forcing your dog to chase after the toy and try to pin it down.

That’s a good pre-workout if you ask me. 

Always choose one size bigger than what’s recommended for your dog size. Sometimes Kong creates a vacuum when bitten. This might suck some dog’s tongue into the toy – same thing that happens when you drink from a bottle.   


4. Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy.

tough, durable dog toys that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers

What more can be said, the Chuckit indoor ball is a nice toy to throw around for your dog to fetch.

I like the fact that it is difficult to chew through, thanks to its multi-layered design. Plus, it rolls easily and has bright-colored designs that make it easy to find even in the grass.

Most times, you’ll have to replace the ball, not because it’s damaged, but because it got lost while playing fetch. How the ball avoids getting mauled is really simple.

It has a hole that allows air to slowly escape from the ball when a dog bites. And then return to its normal size when the dog relaxes his/her jaw.

The only con I see is the ball’s plug.

The plug often falls out after weeks of aggressive mauling. If this falls into a dog’s throat, it might be fatal.

I recommend supervising play sessions, and if you are concerned by what you just learned, you can just remove the plug yourself. 

5. RUFFWEAR – Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy.

tough, durable dog toys that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers

If you’ve done everything to stop your dog from eating random junk outside without any success, then try the Gnawt-a-Rock.

The design of this dog toy makes it bounce erratically, which makes the play session more interesting.  

The toy is as big as a medium-sized coconut and it has two slots. One big slot for inserting treats, the other is small for dispensing them when the dog bites.

So while your dog is busy biting and running after the toy when it escapes, he’s getting a treat for the effort.


6. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Bone.

aggressive chewers enjoying his tough, indestructible dog toys.

If your dog is the canine equivalent of Godzilla, mauling and eventually destroying every toy, then get this bone.

The West Paw ZogoFlex Bone is perfect for small dog breeds that chew with the same ferocious intensity of large breeds.

This dog bone is a versatile toy for vigorous chewers to wrestle with.

What would you like to do, play fetch? It bounces deceptively, thrilling your dog in the process.

You want to play tug-of-war? It stretches just enough to do so without snapping. 

7. Buck Bone Organics Elk Antler Dog Chews All Natural Healthy Chew.

tough, indestructible dog toys that last even with the most aggressive and destructive chewers

This Buck Bone Organic Elk Antler is the only play toy on this list that actually contains vitamins that help with dental care and the digestive system.

I won’t even call it a plaything, even though it keeps your dog occupied – ‘unicorn horn‘ sounds better.

It’s a good choice to consider, especially if you’re tired of cleaning half-chewed pieces of rawhide all over the house. 

Unlike other toys made of plastic, where you are always concerned they’ll damage the rubber, the Elk Antler is actually meant to be damaged.

However, that happens at a very slow pace. Plus, the more damage your dog does to the elk antler, the more helpful nutrients are released into his system.

Tug toys.

8. West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War

tough, durable dog toys that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers

The West Paw Zogoflex is one durable dog toy to play tug-of-war with. It endures lots of pulling and biting, even from the most feisty dogs.

The rubber material it is made from is strong and stretchy – can stretch up to twice its original length. So when your dog digs his jaw into the toy, it deforms but doesn’t break. 

Another good thing about the toy is its shape.

This toy is interactive, but not in the way you’d imagine. The funny-looking toy wiggles for every shake or bite it receives, making it an interesting piece to figure out.

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9. GoughNuts Tug Large Interactive Dog Toy.

tough, indestructible dog toys that last even with aggressive chewers

GoughNuts is a super durable dog toy for chewers that destroy toys within the hour or a few days later.

It’s made from a super dense rubber that rarely rips or shows gouge marks after hours of tugging and biting.

Unlike other toys that become easier to destroy as soon as the first dent is made, the GoughNut Tug is from a different class.

If your dog succeeds to put a dent on the toy, the next time he/she bites the toy, there’s minimal chance of him getting the dent again since the toy becomes super slippery when coated with saliva. 

This, however, is its con.

When your dog has been playing with the toy for some time, you cannot just grab the other end and play tug-of-war with your energetic dog.

That won’t work since he has a good grip of one end with his teeth, while you’re with the slippery end. So you’ll have to clean it first with a tissue paper or baby wipes

Your dog might occasionally nip your hand while attempting to get a good grip. That’s until both of you get the hang of it. Keep this in mind when playing for the first few times and let the dog get a good grip first.

Bonus: Pacific Pups XL Dog Rope Toy.

aggressive chewers enjoying his tough, indestructible dog toys.

If your feisty chewer likes to leave a mess of the torn-up toys he/she has mauled, then I implore you to get the Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toy(s).

It isn’t a single toy that your dog will figure out how to destroy after some hours. Rather, it’s a value pack of several rope toys that withstand aggressive chewers and also improves their dental health. 

I like the company’s truthfulness in letting their customers know that these toys are not ‘indestructible’.

They are destructible, however, it will take time for the toy to be totally annihilated. And when one does, dispose of it.

They’re all rope toys for aggressive chewers, and rope will always fray after some time. I recommend giving your dog a different toy to play with each play session. That way, one toy doesn’t get frayed too badly and too soon.   

Bone Dry Paw Print Collapsible Polyester Pet Storage Bin.

tough, durable dog toys that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers

Finally, we have the Bone Dry Paw Print Pet Storage Bin.

You can already tell that this is not an indestructible dog toy – it is not even a toy.

Well, you are right!

It is a container for storing your dog’s toys when he is not paying with them. For your dog’s toys to last and truly be durable, you have to control when and how long your dog plays with them.

With a storage bin like this, you can gather your dog’s favorite toys and easily put them away for later.

Saves your dog’s toys and you from tripping on them.

What’s the best choice here?

There you have it, some of the most durable dog toys for aggressive chewers available. This list isn’t exhaustive, there are lots more toys that I haven’t covered. 

However, if you consider the quality of material used in making the toy, the toy’s safety when it breaks (everything breaks, it’s just a matter of time), durability, and how interactive the toy is for a dog, these are some top choices to consider. 

A few words on durability.

No dog toy will last forever if it’s the only one your dog plays with all the time. Besides, it gets boring after some time.

So “what’s the best choice here?” you ask.

If you want your dog toys to last, I recommend buying more than two different toys.

For instance, Kong or Goughnuts Rings, Chuckit Indoor Ball, Buck Bone Elk Antler or West Paw ZogoFlex, and the Pacific Pups Rope Toys.

This way, your dog has a variety of durable toys to play with. Especially when helping dogs with separation anxiety that display aggressive behaviors in your absence. 

But, the truth is, none of these matter if you keep making the same mistakes all owners make that ruin tough dog toys.

So, check those out and avoid them – or keep making them just to be sure, LOL!

Oh and, remember to safekeep your dog’s toys in the Bone Dry Paw Print Pet Storage Bin.