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This year has been a long and stressful one. It went from January, February, swoosh… October in the blink of an eye.

And to be sincere, we spent so much time with our dogs this year than we’ve done with any other person on our holiday shopping list!

If you ask me, I think our dogs deserve a couple of special items for being such good companions.

So why not place some under the tree this season?

From no-pull dog harnesses to fluffy blankets, treats, and organic shampoos, we have rounded up the best gifts that will make your dog squirm with delight. Check them out and start shopping now because the clock is ticking and you want to avoid the mad rush this year.  

1. Water-Resistant Reversible Jacket.

I know you never planned to spend all day inside the house watching the snow. With this cozy water-resistant coat, you and your dog can have fun in the snow, make a snowman, and play fetch without your pooch getting toasty.

2. Dog Booties.

Your feet are protected whenever you step in the snow. This dog bootie does the same for your dog which makes it the perfect Xmas gift, especially for a dog that loves walking or running.

3. Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Treat Toy.

If your dog has been playing with tennis balls or the durable Chuckit ball all year long, he’ll appreciate something new and different for Xmas like the Rogz Grinz Dog Ball Toy. Plus, it’s super hilarious and a picture-worthy sight when the teeth marks align perfectly with your dog’s.

4. Santa Dog Bandana.

How do you make your dog know that the festivity is also about celebrating him for always being there throughout the year?

You do that by getting him a Santa Dog Bandana and the most important role to play – welcoming visitors.

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5. iChoue Pet Giraffe Warmer Hood.

Every day he wakes, your dog is longing (pun intended) to keep you safe and out of trouble. Giving him this iChoue Pet Giraffe Warmer Hood will warm his neck and keep his ears out of frostbite trouble – a thoughtful gift if you ask me.

6. Barbox Orthopedic Pet Bed.

Let sleeping dogs lie”, they said. But for a sleeping experience that feels super cozy, like it does when they crash on your bed or couch, an orthopedic pet bed is a must-have. 

7. Premium Pet Dental Spray.

Next year will be filled with big smiles (you first read it here).

Your dog can start practicing and preparing his smile with a premium dental tool! The best part? You simply spray some on his teeth, done!

8. Pizza Plush Dog Toy. [Chewy]

Give your dog their very own pizza, free of grease and crumbs! Bonus: this Pizza Plush Dog Toy doesn’t have stuffing or squeaks, therefore everyone wins!

9. Pet Massager.

…ohh, right there. That’s the spot!

We all get sore muscles and jangled nerves sometimes. This handy tool helps soothe and de-stress your dog. An awesome gift that also helps you bond with your dog!

10. Buffalo Plaid Sweater [Chewy]

It’s definitely sweater weather! They’ll stay warm all winter long with this sweat buffalo check sweater.

11. Reflective Dog Vest.

Do you and your pooch occasionally go on late-night walks? Then this high-visibility vest will help keep him safe.

12. Dog Harness.

We can make a strong case for a good leash and quality collar. However, a no-pull dog harness is the best Xmas gift for a dog that is still learning to walk beside or follow your lead.

13. Heated Pet Bed.

It’s Winter. You will wear your favorite sweatshirt to keep you warm while your dog snuggles on this heated pet bed

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14. Dog Puzzle.

…and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow! let it snow!! let it snow!!!

You have Netflix, YouTube, and social media. You can stay home all day while it snows outside. This Nina Ottosson puzzle toy will keep your dog occupied while you perfect a new recipe. 

15. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Squirt some on your dog’s meal, mix, and warm it before serving to keep your dog healthy all year long!

‘Woof,’ Your dog says a big ‘Thank you!’

16. Organic Pet Shampoo.

Want to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals where and when you can? This Organic Pet Shampoo can be the perfect start that snowballs into other parts of your lifestyle.

Besides, it smells sweet!

17. Milk-Bone Dog Treats.

“…I don’t like this treat,” said no dog, ever.

You cannot fail with this gift. You can even use it for quicker results when teaching a new behavior or correcting unwanted behavior.

18. Bubble Blower Bubble Machine.

It is actually for kids, but aren’t dogs our fur babies? I mean, I have never seen a grown-up dawg – they are all just kids in our eyes, aren’t they?

19. Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat.

Just like a ‘baby in the car’ sign, this welcome mat lets visitors know that you are proud of your dog.

Your dog will love it, you will love it, and so will your guests!

20. Bully Sticks.

Is your focus needed somewhere? These Natural all-protein treat sticks give your dog something to go to town on while you are busy.  

21. Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket.

Everyone loves a comfy blanket, especially during winter. Though this Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket is the last item on our list, it just might be the top priority on your dog’s winter wish list. 

So, how many of them are you getting for your dog?