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Watching your dog rock and totally enjoy accessories you got for them is the greatest joy of being a dog parent.

The most effective ones are those that send them to pet haven!

You know… the ones that make your fur baby happy, which makes you happy because your fur baby’s happy – massive two-way win!

Unfortunately, you don’t just spot these sorts of accessories lying around with a “pick me” sign, do you?

Here are 25 accessories, including super sturdy playthings, that will get your dog ecstatic. And make you wonder if the producers make a human-sized version.  

1. Kong.

KONG Classic is to dogs what TikTok is to teenagers.

I know you’re probably not a big fan of TikTok. But imagine the joy teenagers derive from that app, that’s what your dog is getting from this toy.

It is smooth and irregular. I think that’s where the magic lies – the dog tries to grapple but saliva from his mouth makes the toy slip out. When it does, the toy bounces away in an irregular path sending your dog into a frenzy.

You can fill the inside with peanut butter or treats to keep your dog occupied while you scroll away on Pinterest collecting food recipes.

2. A water dispenser.

Dogs like to drink, that’s for sure.

However, your dog will drink more if the water is fresh each time he takes a sip. Getting more water in his system will help prevent Kidney problems and UTIs.

That’s where automatic water dispensers such as this Gravity Water dispenser or the Veken Pet Fountain come in – to keep the water flow and freshness alive.

3. Kong – Flyer.

What better way to make your dog run around and work his ass off than to play fetch with a Frisbee?

Take advantage of the Kong – Flyer’s light-weight and long flying distance to give your dog something to chase.

The beautiful thing about a Frisbee is that they rarely get chewed on like other toys – that’s if your dog likes it!

4. TOMKAS Pet Carrier Sling Bag.

An over-the-shoulder sling bag like the TOMKAS Pet Bag is perfect for transporting your dog to the vet or your friend’s place without a carrier – okay, this is still a carrier, but a cute one.

However, it’s only for small pets roughly 10 lbs. Though you can fit a 15 lbs. pet in the sling bag, it’s probably better for the longevity of the bag and your shoulder muscle if you stick to the recommended max weight.

5. Kong plush.

The Kong brand is best known for its durable toys for aggressive dogs. However, they do make plush toys too – yes, with squeakers!

My favorite is the Kong Floppy Knots Dog Toy. It reminds me of Nick Wilde, the Fox character in Zootopia.

Then there’s the Kong Cozie Ali Alligator which doesn’t look like anything remotely close to ‘alligator.’

Both are made with an extra layer of material to prevent it from getting ripped far too easily. However, I’ll only recommend this for dogs with no teeth or few sensitive teeth.

6. CHUCKIT! Paraflight Flyer!

I think I’m the only one that reads Chucky (from the movie Child’s Play) when I see the name of this toy.

And, like the crazy doll in the movie, Chuckit dog toy is a hard one to destroy.

Chuckit Paraflight Flyer is for dogs (small and large) that love to play fetch with a Frisbee. The design is eye-catchy and the edges are made of a different type of rubber. This is to ensure the disc doesn’t hurt your dog’s gums, teeth, and folds on the side of his mouth.

Like all other dog toys, you should supervise play sessions. This isn’t a chew toy, so when your dog starts being aggressive, put the toy away!

7. Stainless Steel Bowl.

Look at it! 

It’s a stainless steel bowl for your dog. It won’t slide or topple, and is the perfect choice to transition from a plastic bowl.

However, if your dog is a sloppy drinker, then you’re better off getting these mess-free dog bowls to help keep your floors clean

8. “S” Dog Bone.

If chewing was a sport, some dogs would win gold medals.

The ‘S’ Dog Bone is made with the assumption that every dog is an Olympian.

It is made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material. TPR combines the best features of plastic and rubber to create a new material that is durable and resistant to destructive chewing. Oh, and it’s BIG!

9. WOpet Treat Tosser with Two Way Audio and Cam.

Does your dog love to catch his treats mid-air?

Both of you will benefit from this multipurpose pet dog accessory. It tosses out treats to your dog while allowing you to watch your dog from a remote location.

You’d want to see and hear what your dog is up to while you’re away, won’t you? Moreso if you’ve been stuck with them at home for some months now as we all have been!


This puncture-resistant chew ring is the type of dog toy that deserves a front seat in our 11 best indestructible dog toy list.

The strength of the unique rubber formula will quickly teach your dog that this toy isn’t one he can mess with and go scot-free.

Play fetch and tug o’ war as long as you like. The manufacturer has so much confidence in this dog toy that they offer a lifetime guarantee to any buyer. If that doesn’t convince you of its durability, then nothing will.

11. Nylabone Power Chew Rings Toy.

“There’s strength in numbers” that’s why the Nylabone Power Chew Ring Toy has several notches and grooves to entice the dog to chew away his aggressive energy.

This is a great toy for teething puppies that are destructive most of the time. The bumps on the chew ring soothe and massage angry gums, which promotes good oral health. 

I don’t recommend leaving your dog alone with this toy. Yes, it’s tough and durable. But the plastic it’s made from can break your dog’s teeth. So pause the play session when things get too aggressive.

12. Thundershirt.

It doesn’t matter how tough your dog looks, we all get scared and anxious sometimes.

If your dog gets scared or anxious in elevators, visiting the vet, or on hearing thunder, just get him one of this Thundershirt calming vest.

If this was human clothing, it would feel the same as wearing your favorite sweater.  

13. CHUCKIT! Tennis Ball Launcher. 

Most dogs love to play a game of fetch! But not all parents are that enthusiastic about the game – at least not their arms.

With the CHUCKIT! Tennis Ball Launcher you can catapult his CHUCKIT ball farther than you would have – even if you had Lawrence Taylor’s arms.  

14. A powerful cleaner.

Life’s too short to spend anything more than 5 minutes cleaning liquid spills or pet accidents after a long day at work. Use this impressive Steam mop cleaner to quickly deal with spills and go your way.

15. Benebone Maplestick Chew Toy.

If you’ve been struggling to stop your dog from chewing junk while playing outside, then consider giving him the Benebone Maplestick Chew Toy.

This toy feels and smells like a real stick, however, it is made from a combination of non-toxic nylon and real maple wood. Perfect for dogs that prefer to play fetch with tree branches.   

16. Furminator. 

Owner of long coat breeds knows how frustrating and exhausting it is to go around the house vacuuming and picking pet fur of off clothes, the couch, and bedding.

However, with a de-shedding tool like the FURminator, the job becomes easier. This tool helps rake out all the loose fur from your pet’s coat before they have a chance to be airborne.

17. Nina ottosson by outward hound. 

What better way to engage and entertain your pet for a long time than to offer him a challenging puzzle toy?

The Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound is a physically and mentally stimulating toy that’ll keep your dog busy and at the same time redirect aggressive behaviors.

If your dog always gobbles down his meal in record time, this toy will help him learn to take things slow.

18. Pee Pads.

If your dog is regressing in his potty training or is yet to complete the training, you can place an AKC Potty Pad under his crate, den, or the spot he likes to soil to make cleaning easier.

19. Babble ball.

The Babble ball is an interactive toy that makes hilarious sounds ranging from growls, chirps, croaks, and lots of babble.

The beautiful part is that it doesn’t make these sounds at random intervals (although that would be hilarious in a different way). It has a motion sensor that only activates when your dog (or you) is passing by.    

20. Striped T-Shirts.

Whoever said you and your boy can’t step out of the house looking dapper? Not me! That’s why this striped T-shirt is in my recommendation list.

21. Wobble wag giggle.

There aren’t many toys that your dog can play with all day like the Wobble Wag Giggle. It glows in the dark, it makes funny noises when it rolls, and it has great colors.

However, this isn’t a chew toy. I don’t recommend it for Labradors or other dogs that love to play roughhouse. It should work perfectly for older dogs with no teeth or calmer breeds.  

22. WOPET Automatic Food dispenser.

Yes, it looks cute, but that’s not the point!

Here’s a dog feed dispenser that will save you from having to memorize when last you feed your pet. Or setting a mental alarm for the next feeding session. It has a programmable alarm (your dog will soon learn to associate the alarm with mealtime). You can record a custom voice message, and you can control portion size and frequency.

I recommend getting this so you can finally put a stop to your dog (or cat) waking you in the middle of the night because they’re hungry. The pet gets fed on time and more sleep for you – that’s a massive win!

23. ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy.

The ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz is one of the best durable squeaker toys available.

The squeakers in them are loud and durable (you’d wish they go bad) and it contains no stuffing.

While they’re fun to play catch with, I don’t recommend them for aggressive dogs. Or for unsupervised play until you know how your dog likes to play with plush toys.

24. Indoor Warming Mat.

As we slowly head back to the cooler months of the year, you’ll have to provide your dog something warm to sleep on. An automatic power-off electric heating pad will go a long way in keeping your furriend warm and comfortable throughout winter.

25. Microfiber towel.

There’s no better way to make your dog feel they’re part of the family than to get them their superabsorbent towel – with an embroidered paw print!

Bonus: Paw wipes.

Taking your dog along on long walks is fun, can you say the same about cleaning his paws later? This portable paw cleaner helps you get mud and debris off of your dog’s paws before letting him step inside.  

You have my permission to play with some of these accessories while your dog is not looking…

Just avoid getting caught!