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5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.
Image by Nature_Blossom from Pixabay 

One of the most revealing moments of a dog’s true personality is when it is time to trim its nails.

That’s when you know if the dog is actually a dog or an undercover chicken – mine was.

To be fair to some of these dogs, they have every reason to be scared of a nail-clipping session: maybe they have sensitive paws, very long quicks, or they’ve been injured before by you or at the groomers.

However, it doesn’t have to remain this way.

With a quality, automatic dog nail trimmer, you can safely grind your dog’s dragon claws without injuring the quick.

Each accident-free nail trimming session will increase your dog’s confidence in your ability to use the tool – and voila… you’ve killed the chicken in your dog.

So, what’s the best automatic dog nail grinder that can help you trim your dog’s nails safely and with confidence?

These 5 dog nail grinders are the best available. And, I’ll show you exactly how you can get amazing results when using any of them.

1. Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Grinder Kit.

5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.

Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Grinder Kit (available on Amazon and Chewy) is a go-to nail grinding tool for most dog owners– and for good reasons.

If you have a dog that has got really long quicks and dragon claws or one that hates having his feet touch (due to trauma), then the Dremel dog nail trimmer might just be the tool you need to get the nails done by yourself.

It’s super-fast – takes only 6-13 seconds to do a nail; and it’s not even loud even at the highest setting. While it comes with a charge right from the box, you still need to charge it fully before use.

I like the fact that the new battery is strong and powerful – well, that’s expected of a new battery.

What I mean by strong here is that the dog nail trimming tool can do up to 3 dog’s nails and there will still be a charge left when you’re done.

As much as I admire the Dremel dog nail grinder, I see two ‘huge’ problems with the tool:

First, it is missing an auto-stop feature.

This isn’t a problem with short-haired dog breeds, so if you have a long-haired dog breed you either need to choose another dog nail trimmer. Or find a way to prevent the hair from getting caught in the tool – you could trim first or use a rubber band to hold it back.

Second, instructions are unclear on how to insert the rod that holds the sanding drum. So I looked up this video.

2. Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder. 

5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.

The Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder does two things really well:

It is packed with information on how to grind your dog’s nails, you cannot help feeling confident about getting it done right the first time. The company sends a paper manual with the product and a copy through email, so no excuse for not doing this properly LOL. 

And it is super quiet in both settings, which is great for dogs that are not too fond of automatic dog nail trimmers.

Did I mention how fast the diamond bit grinder is?

You can do 3-7 overgrown dog nails with this thing depending on how tough the nails are. And, since it comes with a USB cable, you can use your phone charger to power it instead of getting an expensive replacement when the old charger burns out.

The packaging is impressive – it screams quality!!!

What I really like about this professional dog nail grinder is the design.

It is large and easy to get a firm grip without applying too much strength. This way you don’t get all sweaty in your palm while grinding your dog’s nails.

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Hey, your dog’s nails will come out perfectly rounded with the Casfuy rechargeable dog nail grinder.

3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder.

5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.

I nearly mistook this for a perfume container.

However, while it doesn’t contain any sweet-smelling fluid, inside the Hertzko Electric Pet Dog Nail Grinder (available on Amazon and Chewy) is a super effective and almost-silent motor that does a pretty decent job when called upon.

The whole unit is compact, lightweight, and the simple design gives you a good grip at all times. It produces less vibration, which is great for dogs with high sensitivity in the paws. And, the battery life is strong enough to shape and smoothen 3-5 dog’s nails.

At just 1 speed setting, this dog nail trimmer does the job like a champ. However, for most people this might be considered slow – you know how people want to get everything done in less than 5 seconds.

What’s there to like about the Hertzko electric pet dog nail grinder?

It has a guide for those that do not feel too confident and the motor stops when the unit senses too much pressure.

Well, isn’t that a con? I mean, you want to get your dog’s nails done quickly, right?

Nope, it’s not a flaw. Too much pressure generates heat, which might hurt your dog’s nails. Plus, when your dog’s fur mistakenly gets caught in the dog nail grinder it will mess with the torque of the motor causing it to stop.

You can see how this protects your dog from harm, right?

I recommend using this for weekly maintenance and not for dogs with really long nails.

4. Petural Dog Nail Grinder.

5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.

How would you like to breeze through each of your dog’s nails every single nail grinding session?

Very much I guess!

The Petural Dog Nail Grinder is another battery-powered, professional dog nail grinder that is very efficient at its job. It features a diamond grit wheel, which as you know, gives the nails a smooth and clean finish.

It has a sleek, small build that’s specially designed to provide a good grip while grinding dog nails.

Aside from the quiet and vibration-free motor, what I also like about the unit is the fast-charging battery. A single 4-hour charge can last about 6 hours plus.

That’s enough time to grind and smoothen 5-7 dog’s nails.

I’m sure by now you already know how I feel about automatic dog nail trimming tools that come with USB cables – if the charger that came with the grinder burns out, you don’t need to go looking for an expensive replacement charger when your phone charger or almost any USB port can charge the dog nail grinder.  

5. Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder.

5 Dog Nail Grinder Guaranteed to Change the Way You Trim.

Last but not least is the Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder (available on Amazon and Chewy). It is lightweight, quiet, and the grip feels firm.

You’ll immediately notice that this dog nail is not rechargeable or battery-powered. It draws power directly from the socket with help of a power adapter.

This is both good and bad!

Good because you don’t need to recharge the dog nail trimmer before using it or worry about battery life, and since it draws power directly it spins faster and grinds harder. And, bad because you’re at the mercy of the charging adapter – if it burns out while you’re using it, then that’s the end of the nail-grinding session until you get a replacement.

Aside from that, it’s a decent nail trimming tool with 2 set speeds – fast and very fast – and a cord that’s so long you don’t need extension sockets.

There are two problems you’ll encounter while using the Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder. You must think outside the box to fix the first and follow instructions to fix the second.

The first problem is this: the bag that holds the nail grinder and other accessories is well-made. However, there are no compartments or pockets to hold the extra bits that can easily get lost when you open the bag. 

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For those, you can get a small container to store them in.

The second problem is that the sanding drum falls off easily while grinding IF it is not tightened properly. So make sure that you tighten it properly with a ‘x’ screwdriver to prevent it from sliding.

There is nothing to stop long fur from getting caught in the nail trimming device, however, it has an auto-stop feature to prevent pulling if that happens.

How to Use an Automatic Dog Nail Grinder for Best Results 

Everything has a learning curve and using a dog nail grinding tool is no different. These simple and easy-to-follow tips will help you reduce the stress and anxiety in both you and your dog:

1. Desensitize your dog to the grinder. 

If an automatic dog nail trimming tool hasn’t been used on your dog’s nails before now, trust me, he’ll be nervous at first.

However, there is a simple way to get them accustomed to the noise and vibration of the nail grinder. 

  • Turn on the grinder for about 5 seconds while he is eating. This will get his attention for some time, but simply hold it out for him to see without turning it on again.
  • Try again, this time keep it running for 10 seconds when he has resumed eating.
  • After the 3-5 meals he should be eating while the grinder is running without paying it much attention.
  • Next, touch his paw slightly with the nail grinder so he can feel the vibration. Most dogs will pull their paw away – don’t stop them.
  • Offer treats and words of encouragement each time you touch his paw with the grinder. After some time he will stop pulling the paw away.
  • Now, you can buff his nails. Give him a treat after each nail is done or offer him peanut butter on a spoon to distract him.

You can go as slow as your dog allows you to but never rush the process. Else you’ll make it harder for everyone involved.

2. Get paw hair out of the way. 

Most of the dog nail trimmers on our list have an auto-stop feature. This prevents the nail grinder from pulling your dog’s fur when it accidentally gets tangled.

However, before you begin grinding your dog’s nails, inspect the hair between the paw pad. If they are too long, trim them first or use a rubber band to restrict them.

3. Keep your dog calm and still. 

Make your dog stay still in a comfortable and secure position for the entire nail grinding session. This is very important, especially for big dogs (or big chickens, like mine.) that are prone to sudden jerky movements.

You can enlist the help of a friend or family member to pet and offer them treats while you grind away. If there’s no help available, then use your non-dominant hand to keep them calm (it will be tougher though).

4. Grind the Nail – Begin Slowly at First. 

If this is your first time using a professional dog nail grinder, take it slowly at first. This way, the muscles in your arm will become familiar with the range of motion and pressure you need to trim your dog’s nails safely.

Before you begin, evaluate the length of your dog’s nail and decide how much nail matter you wish to grind off. As a rule of thumb, your nail should not grow lower than his paw pad, so get rid of anything hanging below the paw pad.

Hold the dog paw very close to the claw so the nail doesn’t retract into the paw. Start grinding at the tip of the curve and work your way around the claw, one layer at a time.

5. One nail at a time. 

Grinding uses friction, and friction generates heat.

So while you are working the nail, one layer at a time, you need to keep it as short as possible to prevent the nails from heating up too much. Make sure to round the tip to smoothen any sharp edges.

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Work on one nail then move to the next. When you get to the last nail on that claw start all over from the first nail.

6. Monitor nail depth. 

Be careful so you don’t grind too deep. Keep a keen eye on the nail depth so you don’t grind too close to the nerves (quick) in the core of the nail. I found a great resource for judging the length of the quick while trimming your dog’s nails. Check it out for more.

7. Go for a fine finish. 

In everything you do always go for a fine finish – no, I don’t mean perfection.

If you get a pet nail grinder that comes with multiple grinding bits, use them to smoothen the edges of the nail. This way, when your dog jumps on you or your furniture the rough edges won’t snag your skin, cloth, or couch.

8. You are as calm as the breeze! 

Finally, do not be nervous while using the nail grinder. Dogs can pick up our emotions so if you are nervous, you’ll have a hard time keeping your dog calm.

Trust me, using a pet nail grinder is the fastest, safest, and painless way to trim your dog’s nails – yes, it is safer than using dog nail clippers.

I know accidents do happen. If you accidentally hit the quick while trimming your dog’s nail it will bleed. But, you don’t have to panic.

It hurts but it isn’t life-threatening. What you need to do is get any bleeding under control with cornstarch, styptic powder, or by applying pressure with a bandage for 10 minutes.

These should stop the bleeding, if it doesn’t then call your vet. However, do not allow your dog to lick the wound to avoid introducing bacteria to the wound.

What’s the Best Choice Here?

When choosing the best dog nail grinder for your pooch, you need to consider how much noise it makes, the inbuilt safety features it has, battery life (for rechargeable), how strong the vibration is, how many speed settings it has, and durability.

After considering these factors my top choice is the Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Grinder Kit (available on Amazon and Chewy). It has a strong and durable battery, the grinding kits are all well-made, and it gets the job done in the shortest possible time.

However, it is missing that auto-stop safety feature, which isn’t even an issue since you can trim your dog’s fur around the paw area. And there is a decent YouTube video to teach you how to use the unit.

Second place is a tie between the Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder and Hertzko Electric Pet Dog Nail Grinder (available on Amazon and Chewy).

They both feature a diamond bit grinder, which won’t lose its ability to grind dog nails after some time, like say, one made of sandpaper. And, both are driven by a low-noise motor and are charged via a USB cable.

Hertzko’s auto-stop safety feature would have given it a slight edge. But since it has just 1 speed setting compared to Casfuy’s 2-speed setting, joint 2nd seems fair, don’t you think?

To be fair to both Petural Dog Nail Grinder and Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder (available on Amazon and Chewy), there will be no 3rd place.

However, for those of you that expected to see Furminator Professional Dog Nail Grinder on the list, it missed the mark by a hair’s breadth.

It was omitted because it uses 4 AA batteries, which either leaks toxic chemicals when they’re weak or few of them produce less power than the rest.

The best choice here is the dog nail grinder that does what you want, when you want, and how you want it without giving you issues.

Rest assured any nail grinder that you pick from the list will get the job done nicely!