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Have you ever had the misfortune of sleeping on a bed that felt like a cemented floor?

I have, and it was horrible!

Unfortunately, that’s what most dog beds feel like – they’re made of tough foam to prevent them from collapsing. And while this makes the bed durable, it does little to help a dog sleep better, especially nervous dogs.

Enter dog calming bed

Calming dog beds are specially designed to support the weight and contour of your dog for a refreshing night’s sleep or nap.

They are made of soft, fluffy stuffing that supports your dog’s shape and spine, and super relaxing material that keeps warm during winter.

You can easily see how these beds can help an anxious or nervous dog to relax.

And, my guess is you’ve heard people call them by other names such as donut dog beds, nest bedding, cuddle dog beds, pet cuddle beds, marshmallow dog beds, burrower dog beds, calming shag donut beds, etc.

Well, they’re all the same.

So, what’s the best calming dog bed that can make your dog’s night rest comfier, which will in turn help you sleep better? Check out these 7 best calming dog beds that are guaranteed to change your dog’s life.

7 of the Best Calming Dog Bed.

1. Best Friends by Sheri Dog Calming Cuddler.

Fluffy, cuddly, and calming.

The Best Friends by Sheri Dog Calming Cuddler doughnut dog bed is the sort of product that you think will be a letdown until you start using it – or, your dog starts using it.

This bed is super soft, thick, and it looks luxurious. A great place to start if you’re looking for a calming bed for a dog that loves warmth or a senior dog that is arthritic and needs something soft to lay on.

There are numerous color options to choose from – colors that don’t look like the typical brown/tan color of most dog beds. And, if you’re the kind that avoids fur/shaggy beds because “they’re difficult to clean”, trust me, this whole thing is washable.

2. PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed.

While this calming dog bed is easy to wash, I recommend covering it with a blanket or sheet you can easily remove, wash, and replace. Instead of removing the bed cover for washing then reassemble after.

It’s not every day that you get to see a premium quality bed like the PetFusion Memory Foam Bed at a decent price.

This calming dog bed has a memory foam base that is dense and soft.

The memory foam comes with a waterproof cover and it is truly made of memory foam – not that stuff you see in some electronics or egg crate.

The best part about this bed is that you can take it apart and wash each part separately. Plus, the fabric cover is thick, durable, and tear-resistant. 

3. Pet Craft Supply Co. Memory Foam Dog Bed.

The Pet Craft Memory Foam Dog Bed is another gorgeous calming bed with plenty of room to keep a small-medium sized dog comfortable.

The middle of the bed is super soft, thick, and comfy, you will be tempted to try it out when no one is watching. It is well made all through and is easy to clean in a washer and dry on medium heat without hurting the material.

One thing I dislike about these sorts of complex stitches is that the seams start to rip after a couple of washes, but not this calming dog bed. The stitches are well-made, you can reverse the calming dog bed so the fur is on the outside while the solid gray is inside.

If you are still skeptical about the benefits of letting your dog sleep in your bed or hate dealing with dog hair on your bed, this bed can help him sleep well (alone) so you can have your bed to yourself.

4. Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed.

Round and comfortable with lots of room to stretch.

The Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed looks and feels inviting to small and medium dogs that need a nice and calm place to rest their chin while taking a nap. A fantastic choice for a pet that loves to snuggle up next to you at night.

The bed is super soft, lightweight, and portable with a reinforced and durable bottom that can sit on most surfaces.

Washing it might be an issue though, not because it is difficult to wash. What’s hard is getting enough water out of it before putting it in the dryer.

The best part is that this bed won’t tangle much – that’s if it ever will.

5. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed.

I don’t know if you noticed it, but the previous calming dog beds that we looked at are not really the type of bed you can fit in a crate.

Does that mean dogs that love their crate won’t get to enjoy sleeping in a fluffy and comfortable bed?

Not when you have the MidWest Bolster Pet Bed.

This nice, large, and well-made dog bed will keep your dog warm during the long and cold winter nights. Admittedly, it is not the fluffiest neither is it the most padded bed on the list. However, adding an extra blanket to the center area will provide more insulation than just laying a blanket on the bare floor.

If you ever had to deal with dog potty regression, you know how annoying it is to clean the floor and wipe any other soiled material.  This bed has a waterproof material underneath it to prevent liquid from soaking up into the bed or down onto the floor.

6. Furhaven Pet Burrow Dog Bed.

Does your dog love to burrow into your sheets, tearing them in the process or leaving fur behind? Then the Furhaven Pet Burrow Dog Bed might be just what you need to save your precious sheets.

This bed is lightweight, has a great cushion that isn’t patchy nor saggy.

However, the flimsy plastic hood defeats its purpose – I assume it is supposed to stay upright while the dog burrows into the calming bed. However, that’s not the case. You may have to hold it up for your dog to burrow until he finds a comfortable position. Else it’ll just fall on him as if he’s sleeping in a sea clam.

The material of the bed seems to magnetize fur so you might as well vacuum it while doing the floor. If your dog loves this calming bed and decides not to tear it, the only thing that may destroy it is a potty accident because the fluff in it takes time to dry and is very absorbent.

7. ALLNEO Original Donut Cuddler Dog Beds

Fancy, fluffy, and beautiful, like this keyholder I stumbled upon.

ALLNEO Donut Dog Calming Bed is one amazingly soft and cozy dog bed that holds its shape, which is important especially during winter when it will really be put to the test.

If your dog has made it a habit to hop into your bed each night because it feels soft and welcoming, then this calming bed might be the perfect bed to transition him back to sleeping alone.

That’s because the bed is made of soft synthetic fibers that your dog can curl up in and disappear into a blissful night rest after a long, play-filled day.

Washing it is super easy, however, as with synthetic fibers you have to keep the heat low when drying.

Although it gets matted when thrown into the washer, you can easily brush it out (takes time, but it can be done). This is why I recommend getting a dark color – you know, so you only have to wash it when necessary. You’re welcome .


Photo by Tom Hills on Unsplash

 All the dog beds listed above are filled with enough plush stuffing to support a dog’s weight as well as promote better sleep and relaxation.

However, to pick the perfect calming dog bed for your pet, you have to consider not just size and weight, but the length of your dog (head to tail) and his sleeping pattern too. 

Does your dog love to stretch out next to you on the bed or couch? Then by all get the PetFusion Memory Foam Bed. If your dog loves sleeping in his crate get the MidWest Bolster Pet Bed but add a blanket or two for the cold.

If your dog likes to curl up in a ball, you are spoilt for choice. I recommend the Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed or Pet Craft Memory Foam Dog Bed – I just love that you can switch between the fur or plain material.

Best Friends by Sheri Dog Calming Cuddler works best for small dogs and Furhaven Pet Burrow Dog Bed is good for dogs that like to dig into the sheets.

Finally, the calming dog bed that you choose will depend a lot on your dog’s sleep pattern and your taste.

You know your dog!

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