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Cat drinking from faucet | Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay 

How would you like to get your cat to instinctively drink enough water to support her metabolism, prevent UTIs, and keep kidney problems away?

That would be epic, right?

Well, this is entirely possible with a quiet cat water fountain, and in today’s article, I am going to show you the best cat water fountain that can do this.

It is not just about the color or design, but some important feature that makes the water fountain attractive to a cat. And, once she’s attracted, it is easy to take a sip whether she is thirsty or not!

Before we get to the 7 best quiet cat water fountain, here are 7 important features you’ll need to pick the best water fountain for your kitty.

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7 Important Features to Consider When Choosing The Best Cat Water Fountain.

To get the best value from a cat water fountain, there are several attributes your fountain of choice should possess. Some of the desired attributes to look out for are:  

1. Filtration.

The problem with water bowls is that food particles and debris often settle at the bottom making it look unclean. The best cat water fountains remove debris, bacteria, and other impurities from the flowing water. The three filtration system used in water fountains are: 

Carbon filter.

Filters of this kind are made from one pure element – carbon. This means that the only element in the filter is carbon and nothing more. However, carbon filters aren’t the best at absorbing contaminants neither are they really porous. Carbon filters simply remove debris from the flowing water.  

Charcoal filter.

Also referred to as chemical filtration, filters of this kind are made from charcoal. But, what is the difference between activated charcoal and carbon filters?

This can be very confusing, even to some manufacturers. While activated charcoal contains a huge amount of carbon, it is not 100% carbon. Charcoal contains traces of other elements such as hydrogen and oxygen. Plus, charcoal is better at absorbing pollutants and is more porous than carbon filters.   

Mechanical filter.

There’s usually a sponge surrounding the water pump in a cat water fountain. This prevents large debris from getting into the pump and likely damaging it. The filter comes in various sizes, shapes, and their life span varies depending on the manufacturer.  

2. Noise.

Why not? Just because we’re talking about the best ‘quiet’ water fountain doesn’t mean we can’t cover why it is important!

How much noise the moving part (water pump motor) and trickling water of a cat water fountain makes is important. Especially if you intend to place somewhere close to you. 

Many people don’t mind the sound of slow trickling water or the low hum of a water pump. However, when these two are too loud and obnoxious, it becomes a problem. Especially for those with sensitive ears. 

Besides disturbing you, cats do not like noisy water fountains either. They came to quench thirst not irritate their ears. 

3. Materials. 

I don’t know about you, but I hate fixing the same problem several times over a short period.

When evaluating a cat water fountain, it’s important to only shell out money on something that will last you for a long time.

Those eye-candy porcelain fountains may be tempting, but they’re usually accompanied by a hefty price tag. Plus, porcelain is more likely to break than, say, metal and plastic. However, if you opt for a metal cat fountain, choose one that’s made of stainless steel else it’ll age poorly. Especially with the water flowing through it and all that exposure to the atmosphere. 

Aside from the material the cat fountain is made of, you also need to keep an eye on certain components that need to be replaced from time to time. 

Pumps, for instance, should last for several years before they break down. Many manufacturers usually attach a large warranty (a year max) on the cat fountain pump. This means that if the pump breaks down within a year, you can get it replaced by the manufacturer.

You can increase the pump’s lifespan by ensuring that it never runs low on water. This is very important because most of them will burn out faster if they run out of water.

4. Ease of cleaning.

Always choose a cat fountain that is easy to pull apart, clean, and put back together. If your fountain is difficult to dismantle and clean, you’ll likely procrastinate on doing so, especially if you’re very busy. A dirty fountain is not healthy for your cat. 

5. Color and design.

How a cat fountain looks doesn’t matter as far as it is quiet, right? 

Well, it does. If you plan to place it in the living room, you need to get something that doesn’t stand out from your décor in an odd way. 

Choose a cat water fountain that matches the décor of your house so you won’t get sick and tire of seeing it after a few weeks. 

6. Size. 

Pay attention to the size of the water fountain when making a decision. You should choose the size of the water fountain based on how much your cat drinks and the type of meal she’s consuming. Cats that take more dry meals than wet ones will drink a lot more than those that mainly eat wet meals.

More so if you have large or multiple cats, make sure the water capacity of the fountain is large. This way, you don’t have to refill often, and the water pump won’t run on less water than is recommended.

7. Variable water speeds. 

Some cats do not like water fountains that pour out too quickly while others are attracted to fast-flowing water. 

Having the option to control the rate of water flow is great. And will let you adjust the water fountain to a speed your cat likes.

Now you know what to look for, here are 7 of the best quiet water fountains to get your cat’s hydration level up. 

7 of The Best Quiet Cat Water Fountains

1. MOSPro Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser.

The first cat water fountain we’ll look at is the MOSPro Pet Cat Fountain. It is made from a very thick and sturdy plastic that doesn’t bend or crack easily, which is great if your cats love to place their paw on the water bowl. Plus, the bowl is hard to accidentally tip over.

Even with the eye-catchy design, this water fountain is easy to pull apart, clean, and reassemble in 5 minutes or less.

There aren’t many nooks and crannies to clean, so fear not, you’ll get all the grime if you take your time.

The bowl has a max capacity of 2 liters. Though you can try to fill more than that, it will probably leak out of the plug-hole that seals the input wire so don’t do it.  

2. Wonder Creature Lotus Pet Fountain.

Wonder Creature Lotus Pet fountain is another silent cat water fountain that is worth considering. The top of the fountain is made of stainless which will save you a lot of cleaning trouble. 

Some cats like water fountains that do not make gurgling noises and this one falls in that category.

The only sound that comes out of the cat water fountain (when you’re close enough) is the sound of the flowing water. And, it isn’t unpleasant. 

I like the fact that the water pump stops working when the water level is low to prevent it from burning out. The attractive light reflecting on the stainless steel top is attractive to cats. 

However, when the water level is low, it’ll change to a reddish-pink color. Both are fantastic features to have, especially the color change since you can tell the water is low from afar.

It’s assuring to know that your water fountain will stop running to protect itself when the water is low. This is perfect for owners that aren’t home all day.

3. isYoung Cat Fountain.

The very first reason I like isYoung Cat Water Fountain is the innovative, easy-to-clean design.

It has a tower-like structure on one end where the water pours out from. It’s a beautiful sight, however, that’s not the only reason I admire the water fountain.

It has an adjustable speed control so you can alter the rate of the water flow. This is a good feature to have, especially for cats that do not like water fountains that flow too fast.

Plus, it has attractive lighting that seems to mesmerize cats to approach and drink.

However, the light isn’t just for the cat. It helps owners to quickly recognize the water fountain at night.

Although cleaning the water fountain is super easy, you might struggle with assembling it on the first few attempts.

4. Catit Flower Fountain.

Catit Flower Fountain (available on Amazon|Chewy) is another cat fountain that’s easy to clean. It has smooth rounded edges, which means you don’t have to look for picking tools to clean difficult-to-reach corners. 

The very first thing I don’t like about this cat water fountain is the cost of replacement filters. Over a year-long use, the replacements filters will cost you more than twice the price of the cat fountain.

You will be tempted to use it with a coffee filter or a thin piece of cloth. If you do so, ensure you wash the fountain and refill sooner than you do with the proprietary filters.

Do not attempt to use it without filters. Else, you’ll end up clogging the water outlet or pump inlet with hair and food debris.

When the water level is low, the fountain becomes much more audible but still not unpleasant to the ear. This is your cue to top-up the water as soon as you notice it. This way, the pump doesn’t run dry and risk burning out.

5. Cat Mate Pet Fountain.

With Cat Mate Pet Fountain (available on Amazon|Chewy), your days of using Q-tips and chopsticks to clean unnecessary deep nooks, crannies, and crevices.

This fountain is really easy to clean; you can even pull out the impeller (the little rotating thing) of the motor and clean mold there too.

This water fountain’s design features multi-height drinking steps or levels. Plus, a ramp that reduces water splashing off of the cat water fountain. You already know that cats like water fountains that do not make a grinding noise.

The water pump in this cat water fountain is isolated in a way that limits how much noise the cat water fountain can make. 

The power cord is long and the filter for this water fountain one fits one way.

This means you don’t need to remember the correct way to insert the filter. If it doesn’t fit, then you’re inserting it wrong, so switch up.

6. LAMYOO Quiet Cat Water Fountain.

The first noticeable feature of the LAMYOO Cat Water Fountain is the automatic shut-off when the water is depleted. This is the main reason most other cat fountains die early since they keep pumping irrespective of the water level. 

If the pump keeps working even when the water level is low, it risks burning out. That’s not good, especially for owners that are not always home. What happens if the water fountain gets toppled over?

The LAMYOO Water Fountain doesn’t just shut-off when the water is low, it has a smart light indicator too.

The fountain’s indicator light changes color to a reddish-pink so you can tell from a distance that the water is low.

The all-plastic design at the bottom of the quiet water fountain is great. However, it is easy for your cat to slide it all over the floor.

Would have been nice if they made rubber studs to reduce the sliding. Like other quiet water fountains that we’ve seen, this one is also super-easy to pull apart, clean, and assemble.   

7. PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain. 

If you’re looking for a noiseless cat water fountain that can still operate without filters, then you’ll like the PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain (available on Amazon|Chewy).

It features a foam filter that prevents the water pump from getting clogged and a carbon filter to reduce bacteria. 

The filter does a perfect job cleaning the water such that the unit builds up grime very often. Meaning you need to clean it to keep the water healthy for your pet. Opening it up for cleaning is easy, what’s not easy is getting into all the nooks and crannies of the quiet water fountain to clean the grime.

The water pump is super-quiet when submerged in water and is held in place by suction cups. So feel free to pull it off and clean the area underneath. 

There’s another version of this that’s made of stainless steel, but I think they didn’t process the steel properly because it rusts after some time.

OXO Baby Bottle Cleaner Brush Kit.

From the name you can already tell that this isn’t a cat water fountain. Neither is it related to a water fountain in any way.

However, with the OXO Baby Bottle Cleaner Brush Kit, you can get the grime and junk in difficult-to-reach corners of the quiet water fountain of your choice. Instead of reaching for a twig, Q-tips, etc. to clean the water fountain.

The brush has soft bristles that don’t flay easily or break-off into the fountain you’re cleaning. The wand is flexible so you can Harry Potter those grim out of the cat water fountain – pun fully intended. Remember, grime and junk can affect the taste of water. And cats do not like their water fountain tasting …funny. 

The handle is comfortable in the hand. Even though it is made of plastic, it doesn’t slip easily. Plus, it has a hole in the handle for hanging it upright to drain.

Getting Your Cat to drink From a Quiet water Fountain.

Do cats like drinking from water fountains?

Yes, most of them do!

That’s because cats are very cautious about what they drink or eat. Water sitting in a bowl may have an unpleasant smell or taste compared to running water.

However, that doesn’t mean they’ll immediately approach the water fountain on the first day. 

On the first day of seeing the fountain, their fear of the new object is more powerful than their curiosity. But, what I’ve found is that curiosity often win in the end!

So, you just have to wait and let their curiosity lead them to the water fountain. They instinctively know that flowing water is cleaner than stagnant water.

If your cat loves catnip you can use it to speed up the process.

Simply fold a coffee filter into a cone and place a teaspoon of catnip in it. Dip the cone in water (preferably warm water) and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Congratulations, you just made a catnip tea!

Now turn the water into the cat water fountain and wait for the scent to attract your cat.

In the meantime, make sure they still have access to a clean water bowl. At least until they start drinking from the fountain.

Ensure to place the water fountain in a good location. Preferably in a separate room from their meal bowl.   


What is the Best Choice Here?

Getting your cat to drink more is easier with a quiet cat water fountain.

If I had to choose one of the 7 quiet water fountains above, my first choice would be the Wonder Creature Lotus Pet Fountain

It has an auto shut-off feature that prevents the water pump from burning out when the water level is low or your cat manages to topple it over. Plus, the stainless top which will help decrease the risk of your cat developing acne.

The side gauge and attractive light indicator make it an ideal choice for me. Don’t want to walk over the water fountain every time to inspect the water level.

Second is a tie for me. On one hand, you have the Catit Flower Fountain (available on Amazon|Chewy) which has a large 3L capacity and is easy to clean. However, the cost of replacement filters is a deal-breaker for me. 

On the other hand, is the LAMYOO Cat Water Fountain. It also has the auto shut-off feature, but the deal breaker is how slow customer service response is.

I’m willing to overlook the slow response, after all, there’s a manual and YouTube, but the cat fountain has no studs to keep it from sliding. It shouldn’t be a problem if your floor is covered with a rug though.  

The third position goes to MOSPro Pet Cat Fountain. The spectacular thing about this fountain is that it easy to pull apart, clean, and reassemble in 5 minutes or less.

While it doesn’t topple easily, it’s missing the side gauge. 

These are the top three (or four if you count the tie at second position) options I prefer. But rest assured that any cat water fountain you pick from the list will perform an excellent job of keeping your cat hydrated. 

Just make sure it doesn’t run out of water and you clean the cat water fountain often with the OXO Baby Bottle Cleaner Brush Kit!