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We live and breathe pets. We’re a team of animal enthusiasts who want to change the way pet parents seek pet tips, information, and advice.

And thePetYoga is our vehicle to drive the change.

Our mission

Have you noticed that when you search for pet-related issues or need advice on a product, the search results are inconsistent, incorrect, or seem rushed?

It’s so frustrating and stressful to find solutions to even the simplest of problems these days. And that’s what we want to change. We know the most common questions pet owners have. And more importantly, we have the answers!

From our mix of backgrounds in veterinary medicine, animal journalism, rescue, and behavioral modification, we bring you 100% consistent, honest, and unbiased advice. Every word on our website, whether in a blog post or a review is our own expert opinion.

No sponsorship or third parties. No advertising – yes, we hate Ads too, and that will never change!

Our Belief

We believe caring for the animal you love, a member of your family, should never be a complicated, stressful, or time-consuming responsibility.

To achieve this, we frequently research and provide answers to real-life problems pet parents face in their everyday life – problems we have also experienced.

Whether you want to know why your pets behave the way they do, what the best cat scratcher is, or how to choose a pet that fits your lifestyle; we will have the answer.

Right now, we are working hard to offer solutions to the most commonly asked questions, so you can make the best decision possible for your pet, your back pocket, and your mental health.

We believe we are affecting the world one blog at a time!