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Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Do you feel the need to get toys that are gentle on your senior dog’s gums and joints?

Do you spend time wondering what toys you could get for your aging dog to help stimulate his mind and keep him company while you are away from home?

Then these toy suggestions are for you. They’ll keep your dog from dying of boredom and will make his days fun and interesting.

What’s the point of getting toys for an old dog?

As a dog ages, his temperament and energy-level slowly decline. However, this doesn’t mean that senior dogs are above the need for play toys or exercise.

Senior dogs need to interact with playthings regularly to prevent boredom, keep themselves active, and ward off dog dementia.

Regular play sessions help alleviate pain around the joints by encouraging blood flow to the muscles. This helps delay the onset of arthritis and other medical conditions associated with old age.

Since dogs often slow down as they age, it is not unusually for them to add a little bit of weight. Play and exercise prevents their metabolism from tanking, which in turn helps control their weight.

So, what do you look out for when buying toys for senior dogs with no teeth?

Skip to the dog toys if you know what to look out for.

5 things to look out for when getting toys for senior dogs.

1. Soft.

Some of the best toys for senior dogs with sensitive or no teeth are made of soft pliable rubber. These types of toys are more gentle on the teeth. And, even though they give in to the dog’s sensitive teeth, they don’t break easily.

2. Grip.

Senior dogs with sensitive or no teeth often have difficulty sinking their teeth into the toy for a good grip.

You need to make sure that the toy you purchase for your dog isn’t too smooth or round.

You must choose dog toys that won’t slip out repeatedly, else your dog might lose interest in them.

3. Material.

I already told you that toys for senior dogs with few or no teeth need to be soft. However, you also have to ensure that the material doesn’t have tiny crevices that bacteria can hide and multiply.

Remember, senior dogs also have an aging immune system, exposure to infections will reduce their lifespan.

As a dog ages, he loses some of his senses – they aren’t as strong as before. Their vision reduces, as well as their sense of smell and hearing.

It’s a good idea to look for dog toys that are scented and flavored, brightly colored, and noisy. These types of toys are easier to interact with since they stimulate multiple senses which is good for the aging brain.  

4. Size.

When choosing toys for geriatric dogs, always look out for toys that are too big to be choked on. But, not so big that your dog cannot interact with it or get the maximum benefit from playing with it.

5. Easy to pick/interact with.

At this stage in a dog’s life, he will quickly lose interest in toys that cannot be picked in less than four tries.

Younger dogs will scratch, claw, and do whatever they can to pick/interact with a plaything. For older dogs, it’s a case of “win some, lose some”.

So, make sure the toy you choose for your senior dog doesn’t require much effort to play with. He’s tired!

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Here are some of the best toys for aging dogs.

9 interesting toys for senior dogs

Fetch toys.

1. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

While going over the features of the best play toys for dogs with few teeth or none, I mentioned getting toys that are easy to pick, remember?

The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball (available on Amazon|Chewy) ticks that box. It’s a sturdy plastic ball with a rope going through it. The rope serves two purposes. One, it’s easy for you to grab the toy by the rope and fling it a good distance. Two, it also makes it easy to be picked up by a senior dog that’s missing a few teeth or has none. 

There are different sizes to choose from (on Amazon|Chewy), starting from four inches to over eight inches. This means that you can find one that fits your dog’s mouth.  

2. West Paw Zogoflex Tizzi Interactive Toy.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

The West Paw Zogofles Tizzi (available on Amazon|Chewy) is one versatile toy that your dog will enjoy playing with. It can double as a throw toy for your dog, or a plaything to hide treats in. 

It is made of a flexible rubber material that can withstand being stretched, making it a good tug toy. But, your senior dog probably has sensitive or few teeth left, so that sort of play (tugging) is not recommended. 

The other way you can use it to entertain your dog is by twisting the toy’s legs together then set it on the floor. This makes it wiggle in a manner that drives dogs crazy – good crazy though.

3. West Paw Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old, toothless dog

The Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee (available on Amazon|Chewy) is another durable dog plaything by West Paw. It’s a Frisbee that’s super-easy to clean (just throw it into the dishwasher). And the smoothened edge makes it easy for your dog to pick up without hurting what’s left of his teeth. One more thing, it floats. That means you can play fetch in your dog’s pool.

Interactive toys.

4. iFetch Interactive

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Does your dog still enjoy interacting with balls? Then the iFetch Interactive might be just what you need to keep him active – without having to be there. The toy simply throws a ball out for your dog to fetch. And when he finds and returns the ball into the launcher, it throws the ball out again.

Trust me, I know how boring playing fetch with your dog can be, especially an old dog that still has lots of love for the game. With the iFetch Interactive, you don’t have to wait all day for your dog to return so you can throw the ball again.

You simply teach him to return the ball into the launcher, then wait for the ball to fly out.

The interactive toy comes in two versions. The first version shoots the ball long and diagonally, which is perfect for outdoor use. And the second version shoots the ball out an adjustable distance of 10, 20, and 30-feet, which is perfect for indoor play.  

5. Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound – Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Everybody loves a puzzle and so do dogs – okay, I exaggerated a bit there, but you get what I mean.

If your dog isn’t an aggressive must-destroy-any-toy-I-get kind of dog, then this interactive puzzle game might be just what he needs to keep his brain sharp.

You and I know that dogs love treats, but how do you make them work hard for their treats? This puzzle!

They come in different variations (aka, levels). I recommend that you start with the first level, which is a ball with holes in it so treats fall out as he plays with the toy.

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Then you can move to level two. The level two toy is a good choice for dogs with few or no teeth since the toy just needs paws, lips, and his mind to play.

And the best part, unlike other toys that just stimulate his brain without a reward to work for, he can earn treats by opening up each puzzle.  

6. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

The StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy (available on Amazon|Chewy) is another thoughtful toy that’ll be perfect for dogs with few or no teeth. The truth is, your dog doesn’t even need teeth to interact with this toy. It’s a ball with a dome-like shape on it (like an inverted cup), which helps the ball sit upright each time your dog pushes it with his nose or paw. On the side of the ball, there’s an adjustable hole for treats to fall out as the toy wobbles. 

Initially, you can fully open the treat outlet hole so your dog gets to learn how to use the toy. When he has mastered it, you can then adjust the hole slightly to make it tougher to get the treats.

Plush toys.

7. ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz Plush Dog Toy.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

I normally won’t recommend any plush toy for aggressive dogs, there are better, durable toys for aggressive chewers. However, since we’re talking about toys that are good for dogs with few or no teeth, then this will do.

The ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz Plush Dog Toy (available on Amazon|Chewy) is a dog toy with no stuffing, and it squeaks. What more could a dog want?

This means that even if your dog succeeds at tearing it – which he won’t since that requires strong teeth – there’s little chance of him swallowing harmful pieces of the toy.

While the manufacturer claims that the toys are sturdy, as I already mentioned, I wouldn’t recommend this for aggressive chewers. The toy looks realistic and a dog with sensitive teeth will enjoy playing with it.

However, I’m not a fan of the squeaky noises this toy produces.

It can get annoying after some time. If that’s not an issue for you, then go ahead and make a purchase.

8. goDog Just for Me TRex with Chew Guard.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Another interesting toy for dogs missing a few teeth or those that have none. The goDog Just for Me Trex (available on Amazon|Chewy) comes with chew guard technology to protect the squeakers.

It is not the sturdiest dog toy neither is it the largest, but for a dog with sensitive teeth, this toy will last a long time.

The Trex will absorb a lot of saliva from your dog’s mouth, which isn’t an issue since you can throw it in the washing machine.

Like the previous dog toy, this one has a loud squeaker. And, as I already told you, it gets on my nerves after some time. Don’t have an issue with that? Then go for it.

Before we move on to the last dog toy on the list, I have a little request.

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Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

It will only take 3 seconds a second!

9. Hear Doggy! Flattie with Ultrasonic Squeaker Dog Toys.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Now, here’s a plush toy that I like – will tell you why in a bit.

First off, the Hear Doggy! Flattie with Ultrasonic Squeaker (available on Amazon|Chewy) doesn’t contain any stuffing. I hate picking up those white stuffing all over the house when the toy has a small tear.

Does that mean the toy is fragile? No!

The seams are strong and the fabric is durable so your dog will have fun playing with it for a long time to come.

Now, onto what I like about this toy.

It doesn’t have one of those noisy squeakers like in the previous two. It has an ultrasonic squeaker which gives off a very high-pitched sound that’s audible to dogs but not humans.

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Needless to say, anyone that loves their peace of mind will be instantly attracted to this dog toy. Especially those that meditate or practice yoga at home. 


Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy for senior dogs.

Fascinating toys for the lazy old dog with no or few sensitive teeth

Is it possible to go through a list of dog toys and not find the Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy?

I’d doubt the credibility of such a list!

Just because your aging dog has weak teeth or is missing a few doesn’t mean he wants to spend the rest of his life on the couch. Kong helps senior dogs feel young again by giving him another opportunity to play with familiar toys.

…but, isn’t Kong toy in your list of indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers?

Yes, it is!

However, this Kong toy (available on Amazon|Chewy) is specially made for senior dogs with sensitive teeth. The toy is made of gentle rubber that doesn’t stress or hurt a dog’s teeth. It helps exercise the jaw muscles in senior dogs so when it’s time to eat, they’re ready to go.

Bone Dry Paw Print Collapsible Polyester Pet Storage Bin.

simple toys for the aging dog with sensitive or few teeth left to play

Finally, we have the Bone Dry Paw Print Pet Storage Bin.

You can already tell that this is not a soft toy for a senior dog’s entertainment or teeth.

Well, you are right!

It is a container for storing your dog’s toys when he is not paying with them. Because though they are old and do not play aggressively like young dogs do, you still have to control when and how long your dog plays with these toys.

With a storage bin like this, you can gather your dog’s favorite toys and easily put them away for later.

Saves your dog’s toys and you from tripping on them.


There you have it, a list of good dog toys for dogs missing a couple of teeth.

So, which one should you choose?

Left to me, I wouldn’t choose just one. The reason is that a typical dog’s body ages faster than his mind.

A senior dog has little strength coursing through his body for active play. However, his mind is still as sharp, or sharper than before.

One toy will not be able to keep up.

For instance, if you get the StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy, it won’t take long before your dog figures out that he just needs to push the toy around and treats will fall out – game over!

I’d choose one or two from each category (fetch, interactive, and plush toys).

In the category of fetch toys, I’d pick just one – The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball (available on Amazon|Chewy). If your dog can’t run and play with this ball, I doubt he’ll enjoy chasing after the other two.

From the interactive dog toy category, I’d choose Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound (remember, it’s a toy with levels) and/or the StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy (available on Amazon|Chewy).

Avoid the iFetch Interactive if your dog has arthritis or joint issues since it requires to and fro movement.

If you’ve been following, you already know that I’ll pick the Hear Doggy! Flattie with Ultrasonic Squeaker (available on Amazon|Chewy) from the list of plush toys.

That’s because it produces ultrasonic sounds that aren’t audible to humans. No more “squuack sqeeak sqeekkk” in your ears.

The bottom line, whichever toy you pick from the list will be easy on what remains of your dog’s dentition and joints, and will keep him occupied for a very long time.

Oh and, remember to safekeep your dog’s toys in the Bone Dry Paw Print Pet Storage Bin.